Green stuff!

This week, a re-run walk!
But first, about last week:

A long walk with new friends and old. Downtown we headed. Way downtown, to see a lovely, lush green wall, hidden inside a branch of Longo’s! Unexpected, and rather charming. (Mind you, this isn’t the first time we’ve visited a grocery store.)

Walking downtown!

Walking downtown!

We zig-zagged south and east, passing plenty of interesting examples of urban plant-life, history, public art, and architecture. We were greeted at the bottom of Longo’s escalator by a young woman offering samples of organic juices. What better way to start the first part of our mini green wall walk? Our first destination, the Longo’s wall, is small, but two-sided, which is rather nifty. The plants are in excellent condition.

Our next stop took us through some interesting parts of PATH, including some bridges and decks with excellent views, to briefly admire the external (soon-to-be-green) wall of the very vine-covered 401 Richmond Street West. This building is home to a gorgeous green atrium and a green garden roof-top wonder. A few of the walkers had not been with us on previous visits there, so we’ll plan ahead for another 401 roof visit, when flowers bloom.

Our final green wall was just around the corner, in the lobby of the Robertson Building. This wall is one of Toronto’s earlier examples, but we found it in weakened condition. There may be water or nutrition issues. Or maybe aging plants need to be swapped out for smaller ones? It’s still good to see it, as the lobby-filling green and moisture are lovely. We need more green walls! (And Toronto has a number of them, so we’ll certainly visit more.)

Another good thing about the Robertson Building? A great branch of Dark Horse. We stopped for a hot beverage, seated around a cozy coffee table in their mezzanine. Nice break, before heading home. We continued north on Spadina and did a little veggie shopping in Chinatown. Perfect end to our long morning.

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.

And now, Sunday, March 20, 2016:

We’re heading back to our roots! City roots, and our walking roots, too. Our tenth walk (almost two and a half years ago!) traced the route of Garrison Creek. Were you there? Let’s take that walk again! The creek is mostly hidden, but all sorts of history surrounds this route, and it’s great to explore. New friends and old, please join us along the full Discovery Walk route, this time. From Christie Pits, right down to the lake!

Other great walks ahead. Read on!

Coming right up:

More greenery. More PATH. The Spit. The Bluffs. The Island. The Humber. The Rouge. Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The Mighty Don (see my bias?)! Historical downtown buildings. Jane’s Walk. Doors Open Toronto. And of course, we need a spring brunch walk!

Those are just a few ideas…


And not necessarily in that order. 😉

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “Green stuff!

  1. That is a great write-up and super pictures. I’ll be anxious to join you in a couple of weeks; likely there won’t be one on Easter Sunday??!!?

    Green stuff was great stuff. Good times!

    Have fun next week.


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