Will walk for cocoa!

The Allan Garden greenhouses beckon again, as they’re full of blooming spring bulbs and some new botanical surprises.

But first, about last week:

In an Easter weekend meander meant to end with a delicious cup of cocoa, the route could have taken us anywhere! (And… it did.) It was sunny, and there were still a few traces of snow around. A perfect day for a spring ramble.

We enjoyed a stop to watch track maintenance and crane/electro-magnet work near Dundas and Sterling. Then around Sorauren Park to consider the future use of the old linseed oil mill as a community centre. (So the rumours have it, anyway.) We enjoyed some residential and some commercial buildings in Parkdale and finally made it to a relaxed table in Soma. Great way to end a walk with amazing spicy hot chocolate! Thanks, everyone!

Click on any photo above to see larger, carousel-array of all.

This week, Sunday, April 03, 2016:


Let’s go back to Allan Gardens. Meet at 9. Bring TTC fare. Want to meet us there? Great! Let me know that morning, and we’ll plan. We plan to take the College streetcar east (from the West End Y over to Jarvis Street). Later, we’ll walk all the way back to the Y, after enjoying the plants.

The end of winter is dropping by again for a few days, so, you know… hat, gloves, etc.

See you Sunday for bright flowers and greenery! The Easter floral display in the city’s conservatories continues until April 24. If you can’t join us, you can still visit later.

Coming right up:

Lots of terrific walks. Some new routes, some re-runs. Up ahead: Jane’s Walk. Doors Open. The Spit! Many steps in many directions.


Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “Will walk for cocoa!

  1. Good Morning Glory!

    Sunday’s walk sounds perfect! I’ll meet you at the corner of College & Clinton!
    Could you text me when you are leaving the YMCA please? Can’t wait!


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