Give us a signal

This week, outdoor art galleries!
But first, about last week:

We walk past so many interesting things on a daily basis. Eyes forward. Or eyes down. Or eyes on our phones. (Sorry!) Sometimes it’s good to set aside a couple of hours to seek out a few of the city’s tiny details, for closer inspection. The StreetART Toronto “Outside the Box” project invites artists’ painting proposals for our sometimes-over-tagged traffic signal boxes. And new corner art is born. Lovely. Or challenging. In some cases, the paintings are devised to reflect or question some aspect of their situation. Other times, their intent may be more mysterious. Most are hand painted and unique. Some, by two specific artists, have been multi-printed and “wrapped” (think bus art). Have a look at the few we visited:

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.

Interested in this project? Keep your eyes peeled. Toronto is now home to hundreds of painted signal boxes. More are planned for this summer.

Now: Sunday, April 17, 2016:

What do Borden, Sorauren, Roncesvalles, Grace, Rusholme, Macdonell, St. Clarens, Euclid and Lippincott all have in common? Well, several of them are family names of folks who had something important to share with Toronto. And one was a brilliant mathematician. They’re all street names. (And, after all, who wouldn’t want the street where they bank named after Euclid? Nice neighbourhood touch.)

But, what else do they share? Come have a look. Each of those streets is host to a wonderful tiny art gallery. And the exhibitions change! We’ve happened upon a couple of them in the past, but this time we mean business. Sally suggested that we find these miniature installations. Let’s see how many we can visit in two hours. We’ll save the rest for later. Bring your sense of fun. We’re bound to see other things, too. That’s just the way it goes!

Other great walks ahead. Read on…

Coming right up:

Do I have to announce the arrival of spring, yet again? Eegad, please let this really be the end of winter. (I know – I always say I love winter. But, enough, already!)  So, up ahead, more walking wonder: PATH. A whole day at The Spit. The Bluffs. The Island. The Humber. The Rouge. Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The Mighty Don! Historical downtown buildings. The BeltLine Trail. Jane’s Walk. Doors Open Toronto. Trees, flowers, people walking dogs. Spring showers, perhaps. Plenty of public art (both invited, and sanctioned… and not!). And of course, we need a spring brunch walk! Next week: a hidden park? You may not have heard of this one. It’s not really obscure, but it’s near something much bigger and so distracting that it gets short shrift. Definitely worth a look.

Those are just a few ideas… keep the suggestions rolling in. We walk every Sunday, so we can easily manage them all.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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