First bloom (and second)

This week: Hopefully, more cherry blossoms!
But first, about last week:

We’d been told that Toronto’s main destination for cherry blossoms might be ready for early May. And then the time wavered a bit! Having heard that the Robarts Library cherry trees sometimes bloom earlier, I thought we’d go there first. Then I wavered! I suddenly read that the trees were being removed for safe-keeping during renovations. Eek! I settled for the idea of seeing the little cherries in Trinity-Bellwoods Park.

Luckily, my morning walking companions were more than willing to humour me. It was rainy and misty and maybe not the most exciting weather for a walk, but we headed over to U of T, in case those Robarts trees were still there (or back!). And they were! I have no idea about the chronology. (Maybe the renovation is already over?) Suffice to say, they were sweet and lovely, and just barely in bloom, here and there. It was a nice little walk, and the rain did not deter us.

After that, it seemed like a good idea to head south and see the Trinity-Bellwoods trees, anyway. So, we did. And we really enjoyed their one little blossom. No kidding! Rather cute. It’s nice to see another walkway of cherry trees being nurtured. Certainly worth future visits – and in twenty years, it will be glorious. Indeed, I was walking through the same park two days later and found that there were then actually three little blossoms! (Woo-hoo!) Clearly, that one tree is stronger than the rest. Maybe, take a walk over there in a week or so, and see how those young trees are doing?

Thanks to all for sharing a rainy morning.

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NOW, Sunday, MAY 08, 2016:

It’s time to return to Toronto’s main cherry blossom attraction: High Park! This will just be a walk there and back. We’ll enjoy the blossoms, but try not to contribute to the pandemonium! And no brunch (sorry!). It’s Mother’s Day, and the park may be in a complete uproar. Certainly, the cafe will be packed. So, our own High Park brunch will wait for a sunny warm day when we can sit on the back patio. Another time!

Last year, we found that early morning was best for blossom visiting: fewer cars and people. But it may still be busy, as this weekend was the original date predicted for full bloom.

I bet that full bloom will be a bit different than usual, this year. Predictions say there will be more leaves than flowers, this season. We shall see.

We’ll walk into the park along our usual (streetcar loop) path, and enjoy the playground level cherry trees, first. Then we’ll head up the hill and down the path to the grove of trees along the pond. I have a feeling that they, too, may bloom only sparsely. They will still be beautiful (and fewer blooms may make it less busy!). We’ll discuss various routes home, when we meet.

See you at 9! Bring TTC fare, in case you want to take subway or streetcar for the return trip. So far, a sunny warm day is forecast. Nice!

To all who can’t join us: Happy Mother’s Day! May you have a wonderful weekend.

This is Jane’s Walk weekend. From Friday until Sunday evening, plenty of interesting walks are offered, all over town. A couple of us are considering a Saturday afternoon or evening walk. Want to join us? Let me know. Plans for that will be confirmed on Saturday mid-day! Sometimes we can be impromptu.

Coming right up:

Some very cool walks! You won’t want to miss: The Spit, The Guild Inn, The Bluffs, Our Return to the Island, table tennis in Stanley Park, a trip to the St. Lawrence Market area (including a visit to the Sunday Antique Market?), a wandering exploration of Glen Stewart Ravine, a Humber ramble. And more.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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