The blossoms were a bust…

… but the company was wonderful.

THIS WEEK: tulips in the rain?
But first, about last week:

Since we planned to see cherry blossoms in High Park, off we went. Even though we were pretty sure we wouldn’t see any cherry blossoms! It’s been an unusual spring in Toronto and the weather has not pleased the cherry trees. Luckily, though, other trees were not feeling that pinch. We saw pear, serviceberry and some huge magnolia in rather glorious, healthy bloom. It was a sunny day, and we weren’t too concerned about the cherries. They’ll be back. And so will we.

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NEXT: Sunday, MAY 15, 2016:

Skylar tells us that sometimes Riverdale tulips even bloom in the forest. What could be lovelier? Let’s go have a look. We will transit there and, if you don’t mind a little rain, we’ll walk home. Bring TTC fare. And an umbrella. And plan to stop for a warm beverage. Let’s see if our knack for discovering new things continues. (You know, in case those tulips aren’t blooming! ;-)) See you at the Y at 9:00.

Coming right up:

Table tennis. And the old Guild Inn. The Beaches. The Island. The BeltLine. Not all on the same day, mind you!

To all who plan to come along on the Guildwood Park walking tour (on May 29, part of Doors Open Toronto), please don’t forget to book your official spot, online. If you weren’t part of that mini-mailing and would like to join us for an early morning trip east, please get in touch! We’d love more company. The walk is free, the location is stunning, and the tour guides are knowledgeable. Want to book your ticket? We’re taking the 10:00 a.m. walk, and will leave the Y at 8:30 to get there. Plan ahead, and reserve your space, now. (And do print your ticket.)

Soon after that, the return of the Island Strawberry Social! Can’t wait! Jazz, tiny sandwiches and the blessing of the boats and bikes. Oh, and did someone mention strawberry shortcake. That will be a special return trip. I’m counting on the weather to cooperate. We’ll leave in plenty of time to include an Island walk to review the surroundings again, and work up our appetites.

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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One thought on “The blossoms were a bust…

  1. Good Morning Lori:

    Your walk last week sounds and looks so fantastic, Sorry I missed it. I’m going to miss tomorrow too, though – just too many things on my plate this week and I love Riverdale! Shucks!

    Wishing you a jolly lovely walk.

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