Tulip Hill…

This week, more tulips.
And outdoor table tennis!

But first, about last week:

Thank you, Skylar! You mentioned the Riverdale Farm hill of tulip glory to a couple of us, so we had to go see for ourselves. It was gorgeous. Haven’t seen this Toronto wonder yet? Do go. There may still be blooms. According to the affable park staffer we asked, the City of Toronto provided the bulbs. Normally, in the past, they had just dumped or composted spent tulip bulbs from planters around town. So the park requested them. Very ecological. The bulbs were unceremoniously dumped down a certain ravine hill, and just wait until you see! (P.S.: The blooms are MUCH better in person.) I had walked this path before. Several times. But I had no idea how beautiful this would be. On a grey-rainy-hail-shower day, with nice company? Even better!

Click on any photo above to see larger, carousel-array of all.
(HIGHLY recommended for the Tulip Hill photos!)

This week, Sunday 22 May 2016:

Just for fun: a few more tulips. We’ll walk to City Hall’s lovely Peace Garden, and the past the beautiful blooming trees at Osgoode Hall. Then west again, for a couple of games of outdoor table tennis at Stanley Park, in the sunny morning. Join us! The weather is fine. Let’s enjoy it.

Coming right up:

NEXT WEEK! Planning required! Our Doors Open Toronto plan this year is to venture east for a walking tour of the old Guildwood Inn grounds. If you’ll come along, you must request a space and print your confirmed “ticket.” Any trouble with doing that, please let me know. It’s going to be great. We’ll leave early (at 8:30) to arrive for the 10:00 walk. If you’ll meet us there and need more info, please contact me. Otherwise, do join us for the transit trip over. Good company! Reserve your walking tour spot here. Please print and bring your ticket. If you’ll bring a friend or two (you know we encourage that), make sure to get tickets for them, too. It will be beautiful, rain or shine. We’ll go out for brunch afterwards, and then transit back home. Definitely a do-not-miss opportunity to see a wonderful part of Toronto’s history. And to start our summer of exploring further afield. Stay tuned for trips to Glen Stewart Ravine, the Bluffs, and… once again: The Spit!

Coming in June: the wonderful Island Strawberry Social. Can’t wait to share that with everyone! Please save Sunday, June 12 for a morning and mid-day trip to the Island.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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