Architectural re-use!

To the great northwest!
(Don’t worry – it’s not far!)

But first, about last week:

Thank you to the wonderful group of walkers who shared a very nifty Guild Park/Doors Open Toronto walk. We all agreed that it was a perfect sunny day, full of new sights and information, and… inspiration for a fall walk there, too, if we can learn of the Monarch butterfly migration departure date in time. (More on that in September.)

Our Sunday in the east end began early, with a long TTC trip out to the former Guildwood Park. A few drove and met us there. Our group joined the walking tour just outside the park for a bit of a talk about Rosa and Spencer Clark, former owners/residents/collectors and curators of wonderful art and architectural objects – many of which are displayed around the property. For an interesting read, check out a bit about the Guild of All Arts, the Inn, the park and all the history… here. Well worth our visit! (And worthy of return trips.)

Afterwards, and off-site, we shared a tasty brunch and cold libations at the Olde Stone Cottage Pub. Then we headed back west. What a day! We bid temporary farewell to a couple of walkers who’ll be away for the summer. Stay tuned – maybe they’ll share a few travel photos!

In the meantime, here are a few of our photos of the Guildwood Forest, perched on top of the Scarborough Bluffs, and some pictures of a small selection of its delightful architectural contents. There’s a terrific old map, here, with links to descriptions of some of the sculptural pieces. Check it out.

Click on any photo above to see larger, carousel-array of all.


This week, Sunday 05 June 2016:

A neighbourhood walk! Join us Sunday morning as we head along the hydro corridor series of parks, angling north-west. Between industrial, commercial, residential, railway, old and new construction, this is an interesting wander, rain or shine. (And it looks like we could have both!) This will be a two-hour maximum walk. Let’s explore!

To consider: water, hat, sunscreen. Emergency TTC fare (in case you get tired!). Umbrella? Maybe!

Seeking a different weekend activity? The Riverdale Art Walk is on at Jimmie Simpson Park, again. We really enjoyed it, last year. Let us know if you go!

Coming right up:

NEXT WEEK! Planning required! I hope you can all join us for a trip to the Island. Our friend Tony will meet us there and share a bit about this special part of Toronto. We’ll walk from the west to the east, and, on Ward’s Island, will enjoy St. Andrew by-the-Lake church’s Annual Strawberry Social. We enjoyed this so much two years ago, can’t wait to go back. The lunch is $15. You’ll also need TTC fare and return ferry fare. (Adult $7.50 – Senior $5.00…  and you can pre-purchase your ferry ticket online, if you like! Details in a few days.) More timing info, shortly, but consider this one a day trip. You’ll likely return home by mid-afternoon. Please do join us!

In the meantime, a great Sunday morning, just ahead. And more walking and Toronto-exploring fun, all summer long. Bring friends!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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