Island paradise

This week, a neighbourhood wander.

But first, about last week:

Two walkers set out by streetcar, to catch a bus and take the ferry, to meet a third. A fourth called to announce her surprise arrival and another met us there, just dropping in from Halifax(!): a morning full of surprises. We acquired lovely extra company for lunch, too. Thanks, all, for sharing such a great walking day. What could be better than glorious sun and wind on the islands, with Tony as our guide? (Mind you, he was also historian, curator, geographer, gardener, lunch-specialist, and excellent company.) The breeze kept us fairly cool (and hairdos fairly messy) as we walked the length of the islands, enjoying sights, sounds, sand, sycamores, waves and peaceful lagoon waters. Our Strawberry Social destination lunch, at St Andrew’s by-the-Lake church, was a great success – light and delicious sandwiches and heavy-duty-delicious strawberry shortcake. This was our second visit to the event and it did not disappoint. People were friendly, there was a bit of live jazz, a small interesting silent auction and, we must confess: generous seconds of that strawberry dessert!

We enjoyed another walk after lunch and were very pleased to see Tony’s lush green and blooming garden. So pretty, in shade and sun. Each island visit reveals a bit more. And shows us just why the fortunate island residents love it so much. What a special place.

Tony, we all thank you for sharing your interesting neighbourhood with us. It was grand to escape the city with you. We’ll be back!

Quips and captions available in the carousel slideshow, if you click on any photo.

This week, Sunday 19 June 2016:

Another great neighbourhood walk! Sunday morning we will visit a few new neighbourhood lane murals. And more. Sunny day predicted. Usual suggestions for that!

Coming right up:

Toronto’s first Post Office. And, finally, the Distillery District? The Leslie Spit. The Bluffs. Let me know your availability, if you hope to attend some specific destinations… so you won’t miss any great walks!

In the meantime, a great Sunday morning, just ahead. And more walking and Toronto-exploring fun, all summer long. Bring friends!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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