The painted city

This week, postage and underpasses!

But first, about last week:


We may never run out of murals to admire.

Wait, let me amend that remark:
May we never run out of murals to admire!

Wish you’d been there, but all this public art awaits your visit, any time you like. As always, I try to include locations with the photos, so if you didn’t join us last time… we missed you! And… do go see these in person! We had a wonderful morning. The story of this mural walk is in the photos.

Quips and captions available in the carousel slideshow, if you click on any photo.

This week, Sunday 26 June 2016:


That’s so we don’t arrive at the one indoor portion of our walk too early to enter! (It opens at noon.)
So, where are we going? East!

First we’ll see more public art – including some by the artists above. After the morning streetcar trip (along Queen or King? We’ll vote!), we’ll explore some amazing painted pillars below the underpasses, on King Street. Then we’ll walk west to Toronto’s First Post Office. We’ve talked about that before, so if we time it well, we can go in and visit. (Warning: there is a little gift shop.) Then, following in that philatelic vein, we’ll continue a block further and see what may be a rather amazing tribute to Canadian history… in stamps. Huge public art stamps, that is. I’ve only seen photos, but this looks like a pretty amazing continuation of the postal theme.

Bring TTC fare. The old Post Office charges a $2.00 entry fee. And at mid-day. we may feel the urge to hunt for coffee, iced tea or a road snack, for the streetcar ride home.

Another sunny forecast prompts me to remind you to bring shades, liquids, and whatever else you need! We should be back by 1:30.

Coming right up:

Next week, how about a trip to the beach? Sunnyside Beach!
The week after that, let’s take the tour of the Queen’s Park Legislative building.
Then, we’ll hope for mild weather later in August, and plan that day-long trip to the Leslie Spit. Picnic and all.
More murals, too.

In the meantime, a great Sunday morning, just ahead. Bring friends!

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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