This isn’t a holiday

 Oh, of course it is.  (For me, anyway!)

But first, about today! And also a bit about last week: 

I’m on a train, hurtling towards Montreal. The scenery is green and calm. It’s a slightly grey day.

But when I arrive, the sun comes out and it’s another hot humid evening. I drop off my suitcase and,,, can you guess? I go for a walk.

Surprised? No you’re not!

But you probably do recall that I will be away for our next three Sunday walks. I’m sorry about that! But a little holiday beckoned, so here I am, in a comfortable McGill residence, after a long evening of exploring this lovely city.

At the end of my great planned walking day tomorrow, I will head to Halifax. I will meet up with Julie there, and bring along a couple of dear old friends, for… Can you guess?

hah! A walk, of course!

I am away without a computer, so the photos from last week will have to wait. But we shall try to post a pic or two of that little Point Pleasant Park walking group, just ahead.

Please do keep walking! As long as two or more people show up, it’s a walking group! Nice! We have reached our third anniversary, in just this way. So, my congratulations to all. Very good work!

LAST WEEK, we enjoyed a decent sized group at the start of our walk to, and around, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It was mighty warm, so gradually the group dwindled. That was no surprise, either. We did see some interesting pieces of art and fine craft. And met some smart and intriguing artists. And then had strong cravings for frozen beverages!


NEXT UP: Sunday, July 17, 2016:

If you like, you can meet at the Y at 9:00 and walk for 90 minutes. Maybe someone in the group will suggest a destination. – perhaps a favourite house or street or park to share with the others? If no one has anything special in mind, I recommend a stroll over to Sterling Avenue. It’s a spot with all sorts of industrial history, and is transitioning to become an arts-focussed part of the Junction Triangle.

Let me know where you go, and send pix if you take them. I shall certainly share and credit all contributions, online. Thanks!

Coming right up:

I’ll be away for the remaining two July Sundays, as well. You should still walk! After all, that’s what I’ll be doing! I will remind you for each of those Sundays, in case you still want to get together. I hope you do!

When I get back, expect to wrap up summer with walks along The Kay Gardner BeltLine, into pretty Glen Stewart Ravine. And yes, we will try The Spit. And maybe The Bluffs. And more!

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “This isn’t a holiday

  1. Hi Lori: I am most impressed that even in your vacation you are still thinking of us…. Enjoy your trip and bring a lot of good memories with you. Jorge

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