Take a little historical walk?

I’ll suggest a walk  but you can improvise!

But first, about last week:

I’ve had an amazing holiday: first, a couple of days in Montreal, exploring and walking too much in very hot weather! No problem: I made up for that with a cool lunch visit to the wonderful Atwater Market and a walk along the canal. And across the pier. And over the bridge. And around the island. You know. Plenty of walking!

Then I got back in the train to Halifax for a reunion with two of my oldest friends, for work, walking, exploring, a ton of fun, and probably a bit too much food. We made up for the latter with a lot of that walking. We did plenty in town, including a great evening walk and treat with Julie, who is there for the summer. That was a nice addition to my trip. Then, out to rural and small-town Nova Scotia, and along some amazing parts of the coast. Completely thrilling – even the places I’d visited before. And especially the ones I had not. I heartily recommend Cape Sable Island and the very southernmost tip of the Maritimes, The Hawk. Can’t wait to return, sometime.

In the meantime, I had suggested that you might like to check out the progress and changes on Sterling Road. I turns out that Mary and Denise were able to do that – will have to ask how they enjoyed it! And we will take that walk too, as the changes there continue.

Also, Heather, intrepid explorer that she is, decided to go see a friend’s new condo, and shared a bit of nifty sidewalk art. Nice!

I will try to post her pix and a few of my own. I’m currently on the train back to Montreal, using an iPad mini, so I’ll admit this is a bit… fidgety! (Yes, lost previous post because the save draft button is in another spot!)

Click on any photo above to see larger, carousel-array of all.

This week, Sunday 24 July 2016:

Meet at the usual time and in the usual place: 9:00 a.m. on Sunday.

You can create your own walking plans in my absence, of course! Or you might enjoy walking down to see one of Toronto’s oldest structures, St. George the Martyr Church. You can stroll south to Dundas and through Chinatown. 197 John Street is your destination (south of the AGO – easily found from Beverley or McCaul Street – just walk south from Dundas and turn on Stephanie Street). The clock tower has survived since 1845. It’s a beautiful thing.

Coming right up:

I’ll suggest something interesting next week, too. (I’ll be away hiking: yes, there’s definitely a pattern this summer!)

The following week, we have a few options: High Park for an outdoor brunch, or Little India for an indoor brunch and to see beautiful produce and fabrics and jewellery (windows only, if you prefer – no pressure), or for a walk in along the lake in Mimico or to see Sugar Beach.

So many possibilities! We will try all if them, eventually, so let me know your thoughts? Lots moe walking fun ahead.

See you soon!

Are you reading about our club for the first time?

Welcome. You really should walk with us! See you in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “Take a little historical walk?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your enjoyment and pictures. That chowder looks amazing.
    Sounds as though your holiday was a huge success.

    • Sharon, that chowder was superb! (There was lobster in thar’!)
      Train snacks are paling dreadfully in sad comparison with that delectable memory! 😉

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