At last: Glen Stewart!

If your name happens to be Glen Stewart… the headline is for you!

This Sunday, we’ll follow an old rail line.
But first, about last week (with Glen!):

Four of us took the College Street “detour” bus east to see Glen Stewart Ravine. It’s a very pretty park, with sturdy, newly installed stairs and boardwalks to protect the natural forest floor, little Ames Creek and the small wetlands reed-marsh. Some interesting info about the naming of the ravine is here.

Our very warm Sunday was the perfect time to seek the cool, quiet, green shade of this small forest. Beautiful. We walked south through the ravine to Queen Street to enjoy brunch, made it out to the street again just in time to see the Returning Olympians east end parade, and took a short walk on the beach boardwalk, too. A long Queen streetcar trip back (on the shady side of the car!) rounded out our journey. At the end of that ride, I walked north past the few Love Letter to the Great Lakes murals we missed on our past walk. Yep – found ’em! (They’re in the lane west of Ossington, and terrific.) You should stroll over to enjoy the whole group of them once again. Have a look at our great morning:

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

We’ll meet at the Y at 9:00. This will be a combined walk and TTC trip, so bring transit fare.

Our bus north departs from Lansdowne and College at 9:30. If you’ll meet us at the TTC stop, please let me know by email or text, early Sunday morning. And that would be great! We’re going to walk the central part of the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail to see how much history of the old rail line remains there, hidden between residential, commercial and industrial neighbourhoods. It’s an easy walk on a smooth path, but we’ll cover a lot of city… under shady cover of trees. When we get to Yonge Street, we’ll find the new mural by British artist, Phlegm, on St. Clair Avenue. Let’s see how many city landmarks we can recognize in this intricate mural. Photos to follow, naturally!

but only if you read this far!

We haven’t done much in the way of Walking Club swag, have we? Well, the Y will treat you to a YMCA gym bag… if you come along on at least one of our September walks. You just have four Sundays to get in on this offer! This is a great way to tote your workout duds to the Y, or to bring along your lunch and blanket and frisbee, when we take one of our upcoming picnics. (Several are in the works!) So, show up for one – or all – of the September Sunday walks. This is a FIRST WALK, FIRST SERVED offer… while supplies last. (I always wanted to say that!) Limit, one per walker!


Soon: The Spit. We discussed the last Sunday in September for that, so please save that date! Later: the Humber, the Don, the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. Our annual Thanksgiving picnic on the Island. Great walks, just ahead.

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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