There be dragons!

This Sunday, those pierogies promised last week!
(Oops – sorry about that!)

But first, about last week:

We walked to the lake to watch Donna’s Team Transplant! They excelled in their dragonboat races, paddling beautifully on a sparkling lake. Competition was fierce! As we did last year, we found the carnation ceremony, in memory of fellow dragonboaters lost to breast cancer, very moving. Team Transplant also took part in this special paddle, in honour of transplant patients, donors and families.

The sun, song, high spirits, cheering and clattering of cowbells and then that moment of silence, and then, all those flowers held aloft, tossed onto the water: it was very beautiful. Not surprisingly, there were memories. And there were tears. And high hopes, too.

It was a wonderful morning. Our congratulations to Donna and her team: excellent work (both paddling, and advocating for organ donation)! We hope to share this with you again next year.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Meet at the Y at 9:00. Remember I threatened the Roncesvalles Polish Festival as part of last week’s walk? Oops! Sometimes my calendar is so full of walking ideas that I can’t keep them organized. Well, sorry about that! The festival is this week. And so is the Ukrainian Street Festival, on Bloor West. And to complicate things further, so is the second installation of Open Streets TO!

Also: the Garlic Festival, and City Cider, at Spadina House (I went to that last year: good fun!). And probably lots more! We can’t do it all, so I suggest we take an easy route that is easily amended, as necessary. We’ll walk to the south end of Roncesvalles and head north, through the Polish Festival. Perhaps to enjoy a couple of treats… and some music… We’ll see what the early part of that morning will bring. If anyone feels up to it, we’ll continue to Bloor West and the Ukrainian Festival. (We may decide to call that lunch, if there are more pierogies, or something similar. This could be a challenge!) We’ve been to these events before (though not in a row!). There’s always something interesting to see, but there’s no pressure to participate or purchase anything. Certainly a good reason for a walk! But I do suggest a little budget for something tasty, in case we’re out for several hours.

If we make it to Bloor West, TTC home is an easy option from that neck of the woods. If some prefer to walk home, we’ll see the western starting point of the second showing of Open Streets TO. Who knows? By that later time of day, there could be all sorts of stuff happening around that Dufferin and Bloor “street-hub.”

Let’s see how the day goes, how energetic we all feel, and what the weather provides.
Bring an umbrella. And a sense of humour! 🙂

Of course you read this far, right? Right!

As mentioned last time, and the time before… the Y is treating us to a little Walking Club swag, if you come along on at least one of our September walks. Only two Sundays left to get in on the cool offer of a nifty YMCA gym bag! Some have already picked up their bags. This will be a great way to pack your lunch for a picnic. (Two opportunities for that, coming right up!) Show up for a September Sunday walk. It’s a FIRST WALK, FIRST SERVED offer… while supplies last. Limit, one per walker! This is the last time I’ll mention it here. (But remind me by September 25, if you’d like one.)


Sounds like a side-dish! And you’re not far wrong. We have two picnic Sundays immediately ahead:

Please save NEXT SUNDAY, September 25, for our LESLIE SPIT hike! This is a serious challenge, for several reasons. And good fun! I’ll provide details in the next newsletter, so you can decide whether it’s your cup of tea… or not. (No hard feelings! There are definitely some pros and cons!) Any hard-core walkers should definitely join us.

The following week (October 2), we’ll take our annual Thanksgiving walk and picnic on the Island. We share this lovely fall tradition with our Island friend and super-guide, Tony. And also with a lot of birds, and butterflies, and trees, and waves… Can’t wait!

Due to travel times, both those Sundays will be long walks. More info, soon.

Don’t forget: you can always bring a friend or two along on any of these walks! Just make sure they have an idea of what is involved. Forwarding this newsletter to them could help them prepare for a morning of walking fun.

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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