Fall Festivals Galore!

We hike out into the lake…

But first, about last week:

‘Tis the season of fairs and festivals and flying leaves.
Well, maybe I’m rushing the leaves a bit.
We strolled boldly out in this still-hot weather to enjoy two of the many street festivals happening last weekend. We’ve visited these two before, but a full year apart. This year, we saw both.
Five of us enjoyed the Roncesvalles Polish Festival. (And the treats on offer, too – including kielbasa, amazing roasted cabbage and… you know… pierogies!) (Oh yes I did!) We looked around at the rest of the booths and were a bit too early there for music or dancing, but it was fun. We had enjoyed a lot of sunshine, already and were pretty warm, so two of us stopped for cool drinks, one of us went to do some fruit and veggie shopping… and two brave walkers agreed to continue in the heat, to…

The Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival. Now, bear in mind that we were already full! So, there was no further snacking, despite plenty of opportunity. But we did enjoy the walk, the people (many in embroidered blouses, and a few with floral wreaths on their heads: very pretty), a little bit of music, some window shopping.

This doesn’t happen often, but I was exhausted. My feet were on fire. So we two trekkers agreed to hop onto the: nice. cool. air-conditioned. subway. I had hoped to walk home, but no regrets. It was a good walk. Thanks, everyone!

I only took a few photos:

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual. We’re going by TTC to the Leslie Spit, also known as Tommy Thompson Park.

This walk is tough, I won’t kid you. The weather forecast is for a slightly cooler day, which is perfect (and why we waited this long to go). I had an amazing walk and look around there, last year, but I did overheat. And I was not delighted by the bathroom situation (there were only a few porta-potties and, frankly, they were frightful).

We’ll make a nice bright clean pit-stop on the way in, and likely on the way out, too. But please be prepared! This is not a full-feature resort walk.

There is not a convenient way to just do a brief version of this walk, so I know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, you can come on along, take a look at the park, walk in part way, and decide you’ve had enough. No problem! We’ll aim to hike west and see the city. I think it’s a lovely place, with many beautiful views. And who knows what we’ll see?

You will need:
– good shoes and socks
No sandals or similar footwear, please, because you will regret it. Paths here are either cinder, which is really rough on sweaty or bare feet. Or rocky, which can cause slipping or twisting and isn’t always ankle-friendly, if you are not wearing shoes or boots! I regret to say that I know this from sandalled, blistered experience. The walk out was great and the walk back was painful.

– your own picnic, and plenty of water to drink
Bring something you’ll really enjoy! (We will earn that reward!)

– sunscreen
Much of this hike offers no shade.

– a hat… if that appeals (or if you look terrific in a hat!)

– sunglasses, if that works for you
I’ve experienced eye “sunburn” recently, and it’s not comfy. We’ll be near water, which reflects and makes the sun more harsh on your eyes. Better to cover ’em up!

– TTC fare

The park is considered a wildlife area, so we may see birds, butterflies and more. A camera or binoculars might be fun. We’re all so used to lightweight phone cameras that we’re out of practice with the heavy gear. 🙂 Often, just looking (without gear or gadgets) is the perfect experience.

On the way back to transit, we’ll grab a hot or cold beverage at a branch of one of Canada’s favourite coffee joints. (You know who I mean.)


You read about this part last week. And the week before.

I couldn’t resist reminding you, one more time. Of course I’m talking about the cool YMCA gym bag!
If you haven’t claimed your nifty WestWalking swag yet, let me know!


An early Thanksgiving. That’s right: another picnic! And this one, on the Island. We’ll meet Tony over there and enjoy a walkabout, a stop to enjoy our lunches and maybe an interesting view, and then a bit more of a walk. More on this in a few days.

Feel free to bring a friend along for any of these walks. We’ll see you soon.

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you Sunday!

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