Fabulous photos on a grey day

Finding fall in our ‘hood!
But first, about last week:

A bunch of you were busy with other things on Sunday. Including some of what we did! Sorry we didn’t find you at the race (we looked). Elizabeth and I walked east and south, heading downtown, crossing the endless stream of admirable, rainy-day Scotiabank marathon runners (several times), to reach our destination, the World Press Photo exhibition. The photos were visually arresting, moving, eye-opening, and wonderful. As always.

Of course, no walk downtown is a walk downtown without noticing a few downtown details! We ignored all murals for a change, but saw plenty of interesting architectural texture. A great morning, topped off with a tasty impromptu taco lunch on Queen Street. Excellent!

If you have a chance to visit the World Press Photo exhibit, we both recommend it highly. The high and bright Brookfield space is perfect for these photos of our very newsworthy world. Some of the photos are accompanied by a stern warning. As we know too well: not all the news is comfortable to see. Even more reason to laud these photographers.

Not all the photos from the competition are printed for display. These were just first- and second-place winners in the various categories. The website includes even more photos, so, whether you visit the prints in person or not, do have a look at the excellent presentation online.

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual.   ❧ 
We need a break from the extended walks, so what better way to share a fall morning than with a fall-colour walk? We’ll start with one tree, very nearby, that I watch for, every year. It’s already beautiful. Then we’ll head up and down the neighbourhood side-streets to find the other plants turning shades of yellow and red. Watch the weather, so you can decide on how many layers to wear. And whether you’ll need a brolly.


I hope you all join us next week! Whether we see you often, or you haven’t been around in a while, please walk with us to High Park for some great forest views and a fall brunch at the Grenadier Café. We originally planned to share a patio brunch there in the summer. Seems we missed the window of opportunity for that. (For this year, anyway.) But there’s lots of cozy room indoors. And, you know… French toast! 🙂 It will be great to see you. More on our timing, in a few days. Of course, you can meet us there! Details soon.

Feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. It’s always a pleasure to meet your guests!
See you on Sunday!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!


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