A new twist on the Humber

This week, we travel east.
Maybe bring a shopping list.

But first, about last week:

After our eye-opening walk along the Don last week, the Humber had to be next. We’ve visited a number of times (search “Humber” in the sidebar to check out some pix), we’ve crossed the Humber Bay bridge repeatedly, we’ve hoped for views of spawning salmon at the fish ladder (not much luck there, but a little), we’ve admired the Old Mill area, and enjoyed the green spaces of Etienne Brulé and Kings Mill Parks, from Dundas south to below Bloor. This time we started at the mouth of the river on the lakeshore and followed it up, under the Gardiner Expressway bridges. We followed the South Kingsway and Riverside Drive to a beautiful high view of gulls in the marshes and more. Maybe you didn’t know about the Humber Marshes? Very lovely. That area really seemed to call for a canoe trip, sometime… Found a nice little pier to sit on, and enjoyed the sunshine. Saw swans, a solo kayaker, and a few guys fishing. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Once we reached Bloor, we stopped for a little bakery lunch. On a patio. In November!! No complaints about that. Then we kept on walking, homeward. Thanks for great hiking company on a sunny day. Rivers seem to be a favourite. No fear, I have a few more in mind for later!

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show. (Easier to read “tour guide” chat there, too!)

NEXT: Sunday, November 20, 2016:

Bring TTC fare. We’ll meet at 9:00, at the Y and walk up to the subway. You can meet us en route – just be in touch early Sunday so we can plan. We’ll travel east by transit in order to walk back west along The Danforth! Hmmmm, probably like you: I’ve often wondered why it came to be called “The” Danforth. Ah, Toronto – you are amusing! Anyway, the quip above about bringing a shopping list was just tossed in there because we may pass markets and bakeries too tough to resist. But shopping is definitely not obligatory!
We can walk until we’ve had enough. I predict that some of us will want to get as far as Broadview, or maybe even Parliament, to enjoy a view of the Don Valley and the city skyline. Your chosen subway stop for the return trip will be completely up to you.

Keep an eye on the weather. It may be a bit cooler this weekend.

Coming right up:

More fall walking! And maybe a walk to the Allan Gardens greenhouses again, to enjoy some seasonal flowers and treats.

Then: get out hats, mitts, scarves and boots, because we’re going to keep on walking.

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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