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This week, you get to decide!

But first, about last week:

Another bright, colourful walk, with great companions and conversation. Thanks for an excellent morning! I’ll let the photos speak about the various murals we saw and the cool and sunny day.

But in other news: did you know that our walking friend Julie has been in the media today? Her amazing story – a fascinating reunion, of sorts – is being documented near and far. Julie, you’re so brave, but you’re also fun, upbeat, interested in EVERYTHING! and amazing company. I can only imagine how your meeting today felt, but I know two new people in your life must feel very strongly about you! Have a fabulous weekend, getting to know them.

See here  and also here to see, hear and read about Julie’s terrific tale.

We should all be registered organ donors. And Julie: you’re our #HealthyHeartHeroine!


P.S.: Skylar, notice that Julie is wearing her Chinatown bracelet in the video? 🙂


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Some of you know… that I may just overdo Christmas a little bit. Not really my plan. But I do have a big family. When asked, a few days ago, about celebrating the holiday, I realized that, OMG!!!! it starts this weekend (that phrase is actually a direct quote from my sis-in-law’s email, as she realized that it’s somehow already Christmas, in this nutty family!), with a road trip to a family party. Eek! It’s going to be fun. But there won’t be much walking.

So, you folks are on your own, this week. You won’t be surprised to hear my suggestion for a walk, if you decide to meet up and wander about. That’s right, it’s back: Sunday is the opening day of the Allan Gardens Greenhouse’s pretty Christmas flower festivity. It’s one of our favourite WestWalking traditions. Now, the floral abundance will be there all month, and longer. But the cider, cookies, carollers and maybe a horse-and-buggy ride… will only be there this Sunday, from noon to 4:00. The greenhouses open at 10:00, though. If you meet at 9, you could enjoy a walk-about and then have a little warming cider before you depart. You may prefer to meet at 10. Let me know if I can help coordinate a time-change, if you think that’s a good plan. Or just show up and improvise.

This is just a suggestion! Maybe someone will have another great walk idea. I hope you end up creating a beautiful morning.

If anyone takes a photo (or ten), please feel free to send them to me with a few comments. I’d enjoy hearing where you go, and what you see. I’ll post the photos in the next update, with glowing credit of course.

Have a great weekend, whatever you do!


That busy holiday time of year is approaching. Oh, maybe it’s already here. Some of us will travel or have a few  hectic weeks with family. So, what about a dim sum early lunch together, next week? Your suggestions or alternative ideas are very welcome, of course. Tell me what you think, and we’ll plan something great.

If no one goes to the Allan Gardens flower show this week, we’ll definitely include that in a December or January walk.

Great winter wanders, just ahead. As always, please feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. We’ll see you soon.

Are you just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. Let’s walk!
See you NEXT Sunday!

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