One week off, one week on

This week, maybe the greenhouses?
But only if you didn’t go last week!
So… what did you get up to, last week?

No photos or stories to share about last week’s walk, so far. Anyone care to share anything? I was at an early family Christmas, in St. Catharines, and enjoyed the drive, the people, great food, and a fairly wild drive home in the dark. Highway driving at night: my least favourite. But it was an excellent day. With, alas, no walking

Did you get out for a wander, somewhere? I hope so!

I thought I’d include a little slide-show here of some past favourite walking photos. Were you on any of these walks? They were rather terrific, weren’t they? 🙂

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual. If no one visited the Allan Gardens greenhouses last week, let’s go this week! Bring TTC fare. If all agree, that will be our destination. If you’ve already been for the Christmas flower display in the last few days, and would rather do something else, we can discuss it on Sunday. It really depends upon who joins us. I hope that sounds fair. The flowers are gorgeous, so we’ll enjoy, and then walk back to the Y.

Cool weekend weather is forecast, so the cozy greenhouses sound like a great choice. (Sorry we won’t have last week’s offering of hot cider, etc., but we’ll make up for that after our visit!)


NEXT WEEK, how about a little dim sum brunch? To make that work, we’ll leave later than usual – probably walking east from the Y at 10:00. Brunch at about 11:00. I’ll suggest Rol San, with its large tables and great menu-ordering. It’s a brief walk there, though we can wander more on the way back, if you like. I’ll keep you posted, after we discuss it in person, this week. I hope you can join us!

After that… yes, the following Sunday is Christmas day. I’m not going to try and get us together then! Probably a challenge for some. So, we’ll take one week off.

But on New Year’s Day? You bet we’ll walk! We have a frosty tradition of visiting the lake, so let’s see if the weather cooperates. Details, soon. And then: another year’s installation of Winter Stations is ahead. And maybe a visit to the snowflakes, in Brookfield Place. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Please feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. We’ll see you soon.

Are you just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. Let’s walk!
See you on Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “One week off, one week on

  1. Hi Lori: Meant to write earlier and tell you about last Sunday’s walk. I mentioned the Allan Gardens walk to several walking participants the week before with no success…everyone had alternative plans… I suggested it to Anne Marie and she was keen. We met at Bloor and Westmoreland and walked down Ossington, through Fred Hamilton Park to view the completed laneway ‘grid’ down the middle of the lane to divert rain fall from house basements and storm sewers. Then, through Trinity-Bellwoods and along Queen, to see the Bay’s Christmas windows. We asked someone on the street for directions to Allan Gardens – neither of us could remember where it was!

    We walked up Yonge and made it to Allan Gardens to meet Jorien and Adam. We were both hungry and did a quick walkthrough for the cookies and cider, then a slower walk back through to admire the Christmas plants and sculptures. Saw lots of turtles, fish, stopped for carolling, decided not to wait for carriage ride. I met another friend from volunteer gardening at Dufferin Park, too. She mentioned Loblaws/Maple Leaf Gardens’ Gingerbread House. Anne Marie and I went to see it on the way to the subway. Turned out to be filled with booths for taste testing so we basically had ‘lunch’ there. Had an adventure getting home (Line 2 was not open so took shuttle from Bloor to St. George).

    We agreed we had a very fun day. Got home at 2pm…

    Sorry, no photos. I don’t have a cellphone and Anne Marie forgot to bring hers.

    I cannot come on the walk this week but will join the walk the following dim sum Sunday…

    Allan Gardens was lovely. Now I know, and won’t forget, it can be reached by walking along College Street. But, I did have it in mind to view the Christmas store windows – new this year. Charming, featuring animal scenes. Children must love the new windows… I certainly enjoyed them…

    Have a great walk to Allan Gardens this Sunday… Skylar

  2. Lori, thanks so much for the photo retrospective! Lovely to see us all again, and funny to ‘feel’ the different seasons. I remember being SO cold in some, and desperately seeking shade in others 🙂

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