Just another year?

So, we had Christmas off.
Now let’s launch the NEW YEAR!

But first, about last week

If you celebrate one of the many lovely winter holidays… I hope you celebrated well!

My family and friends create feasts and fests around all of them: the end of fall, the winter solstice, Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, Christmas Day, and even Boxing Day gets attention (and I don’t mean sale-shopping). We enjoyed every one of them with music, food, and special people. And pets!

There were even some decent walks this past week or so, including the obligatory “Oh no, I need a couple more gifts – the night before – and so I will walk all over downtown TO” walk!!! Egad – please believe me when I whine about that thrillingly-titled wander: it was over 16 km, made on rather low caloric input or nutritional reserve (or good sense), and also: little concrete shopping inspiration. Alas, it was not really much fun (because you weren’t there to share the walk. And also because I didn’t find what I thought I wanted. Grrrrr!). But oddly, in the dark, with all the lights and people rushing about, it was really quite lovely, in a way, and I enjoyed seeing the Zamboni and the graceful skaters at City Hall! (Gotta make walks fun, somehow. Bingo!)

So, where did you walk over the last week or so?And how did you celebrate? Or was this little festive bubble in the year just kind of normal, for you? Interesting! (I might even like to try that!)

Plenty of time with friends recently has meant time with their pets, too. So, just for a hoot, I thought I’d include a few dog-and-cat pix. Hey, this is the internet – when short of walking photos, bring on the pets!!! haha!

Then we’ll get on with the point of this post.

In a moment!


Sunday, January 01, 2017:

Meet at the Y at 9:00.

Let’s walk straight south to the lake. It’s always beautiful on a winter day. If we’re lucky, there will be a bit of sun. Or snow. Either way: great!

Afterwards, if we’re just a bit chilly, maybe tea, coffee, hot cider, hot chocolate? No need to decide now. I wonder which cafés will be open. (We have the technology. Or we’ll just keep walking ’til we find one.)

See you then, to celebrate the New Year! This year flew past, didn’t it?

Coming right up:

The following week, we’ll walk downtown for an interesting alternative exhibit (construction hoardings) all about an important part of the city, before our “new” City Hall changed the entire landscape. Have your heard about The Ward, an early destination for many people arriving in Toronto? I wonder if any of my own family began their journey there. Veronika and I both heard about the upcoming project (the hoardings, and The Ward Museum) and decided we should go have a look. More to come on this project, no doubt.

Then, another Sunday, further downtown to see the Snowfall installation again. I’m just waiting for date ideas from Brookfield Place. It’s not widely publicized, so stay tuned. After that, some winter neighbourhood walking! A super-cold Sunday might see us doing a bit of mall-walking. Otherwise, if the weather permits (and by “permits” I mean… “is not too horrible or slippery”!), we’ll walk outside. Good winter walk ideas? Bring them!

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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