A taste of chocolate

This Sunday: The Ward hoardings, again, because Veronika requested it!

But first, about last week:

Once again, despite carefully timed plans… we somehow found our walk did NOT lead us to SOMA for hot chocolate! I can’t imagine why. But that leaves room to head over there, some other day.

We enjoyed a short, snowy walk, admiring chocolate landmarks, here and there. I had four more destinations planned, but they’re not going anywhere. More to admire, another time.

First we passed Aziza (a great local bistro, former site of Kubata, which was a handmade chocolate shop). This was a great opportunity to talk about Aziza’s very good home made food. Continuing west on College Street, we noticed a new-ish, tiny local chocolatier, CXBO (Chocolates by Brandon Olsen), whose lovely geodesic domed works I tasted later. (Hello, best salted caramels ever tasted!) Then, admired the street-bridging architecture of Nielson’s chocolate factory on Sterling Road, from the Dundas railroad bridge.We’d passed through the cocoa-scented air wafting up from Cadbury’s, on Gladstone, so we circled ’round to pass that, later.

We decided against SOMA, after all, because people had various afternoon plans. Because of that, we chose to shorten the walk and missed a few other chocolate-y spots. But we’ve seen them before. And will visit again: no fear

Thanks for the great snowy walk!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017:

Meet at the Y at 9:00. A walk east and south will take us through Kensington and Chinatown to see the construction hoardings at the site of the new court house. A couple of us went to see these story-telling installations recently and found it a pretty exciting view of Toronto’s last century. Or more. Come along and see the family stories and memories of The Ward – a place where many newcomers to T.O. arrived. The story there is just beginning, as more artifacts are found, and documented, during construction.


Let’s bid farewell to “Honest” Ed Mirvish’s special contribution to the city, in an interesting way, next weekend! Stay tuned for details and plans. I may suggest that you bring a couple of things along for the walk. This is definitely something we haven’t done before.

We’ll visit the annual Winter Stations installations at the Beach, in a couple of weeks. That date (March 05) will include our annual visit with a very cute furry friend, and also brunch. Just wait until you see this year’s installations! More on both of these walks, soon.

Up ahead: Well, spring, for one thing! Can’t wait!

What spring walking destinations appeal to you? We’ve always talked about going to the Scarborough Bluffs, so that’s going to happen – a little later. Beautiful spring blossoms will soon be displayed in Centennial and Allen Gardens Conservatories, so expect a very floral walk, soon!

See you on Sunday!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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