City centre origins

A farewell to Honest Ed’s.
But first, about last week:

We returned to read and admire the construction hoardings of the new courthouse. Most hadn’t seen this terrific historical installation, created by the City of Toronto and designers PA System. Last time we went there, we were just two, as it was mighty c-c-c-cold. So this time, on a sunny day, we had plenty of time to read and think. Have a look here for a few photos of our previous trip, too.

What an interesting and diverse history we share, shown so well in the display’s photos of families, and the homes where they grew together, in central Toronto. Now space used by “new” City Hall, The Ward was an early Toronto destination for low-income and arriving immigrant families. It’s high time we looked at that history. If you haven’t been, do go. And to enjoy all the information about this now-lost part of the city, and artifacts and stories from the area, go to the amazing website, The Ward Museum, and check it out. Wonderful.

Thanks to all for another great walk!

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

We will leave the West End Y at 10:00 a.m. Our neighbourhood walkabout will include various Little Portugal, Little Italy and Annex streets, homes, trees and more. And we’ll end up at Honest Ed’s. You may know that all sorts of farewell activities are taking place there, this weekend. I decided that we’d just try one – as it’s un-ticketed, no-cost, and kind of free-form (if we don’t find it interesting, we can skedaddle!). We will try to arrive there sometime after 11, and participate in (or just watch and enjoy) Good Byes & Good Buys! (Zero Waste Sunday). The plan is to bring along something (art, books, music) you’d like to trade. Nothing broken – must be gently used only!

Check out the info here, and see if you find this interesting. I’m not sure I will bring anything (I like to travel light!). But I might. If you’d like to do that, read the list of acceptable trade-ins. Either way – with or without trading –  this will be an adventure.

And a nice way to bid farewell to that very interesting corner of TO.

Want a coffee or a treat while we’re there? In the spirit of zero waste, they suggest that you bring your own utensils.


Next week ~ ~ ~

On SATURDAY: Megathon (for us, that means MEGAwalk!). If you’ll join us and need more info, please let me know, soon. We’d love your company, support, participation, donation… whatever works for you! Walking with us, indoors? Got your running shoes ready? And water bottle! Thanks to all who’ve already signed up or donated. Much appreciated! More info here.

Then, on SUNDAY: Winter Stations, year three. Can’t wait! Check the weather, and bundle up, if necessary. Don’t forget the sunscreen! We’ll have brunch out there, too. More details in a  few days.

Later: spring flowers, the Don Valley, the Humber River, and, yes: a trip to the Bluffs. In nicer weather: an afternoon play at Guild Park. (They’re back! We can see that lovely forest and marble theatre in full use.) More Island strolling. An out-of-town conservation area picnic, some early summer Sunday. And… your spring suggestions? Requests for repeat visits anywhere we’ve already enjoyed? Do tell.

Feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. See you soon.

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you Sunday!

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