The western Lakeshore

This week, check your references.
But first, about last week:

I felt like repeating a long (long, long) walk home from Humber College Lakeshore… and a few delightful  walkers were happy to join me. Little did they know that it would take most of a day! Figured we’d better get there quickly, to start the walk off with some morning energy.

We took the Queen streetcar/bus combo (yes, a detour!) out to Kipling and walked into the campus just a little way, for a very quick look at Humber , seeing the former mental asylum’s dormitories revived now, as classrooms and offices, and the beautiful view to the lake, through the trees. We vowed to return there, and spend time in the adjacent Colonel Samuel Smith Park (another favourite) at a later date.

We then started the walk back east, viewing trees, early blooming bulbs, the interesting sites and shops along Lakeshore Boulevard, and a bit of graffiti. We took a little break at one of our “part-way” destinations: the delightful café, Birds and Beans. I had suggested getting a coffee to go, but everyone felt like a break. We enjoyed every sip and every bite!

Out the back door there, we crossed the patio and headed, through a little park, right to Mimico Harbour. Paths, lighthouses, bridges, ducks, swans and more, awaited us. A sunny gorgeous walk. Then, the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat. We’ll definitely return to see all of this in summer, sometime.

Then, for the challenge: to keep on walking! Well, we did it. Mostly! Two of us had other plans, so gradually we ended up as two walkers. And the day was still speeding past. We’d both be quite capable of completing the “walk home” challenge another day (given endless time and energy, that is!). But we also had stuff to do, and I admit it: I just wanted to get home. It was 3:30! So, at Roncey and Howard Park, we grabbed a streetcar. It probably only shortened the walk by fifteen minutes, but it felt like a real economy!

That one-way walking trip totalled 16.4 km. Not too shabby for a Sunday saunter.

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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual. We’ll meander over to the Toronto Reference Library on Yonge Street. Upstairs, the exhibition, Eyes on the Arctic, offers some perspective on the North American approaches to and understanding of Arctic geography and cultures. I’m very eager to see these photos! Please join me.


All sorts of spring rambles. Jane’s Walk. A cemetery tour, or two. And much more. Got walk ideas? Comment right here!

And, as always, please feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. We’ll see you soon.

Are you just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. Let’s walk!
See you on Sunday!

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