Thank you, Morris!

This week, a Village stroll.

But first, about last week:

We walked to Harbourfront to see the beautiful, and interesting photos of changing Vancouver Chinatown, taken by Toronto explorer and photographer, Morris Lum. I saw him at the Y today and told him we’d gone there specifically to see his lovely, large-scale pictures. He was very pleased. I mentioned that his look at city changes due to immigration and time and urban adaptation reminded me of the story of Toronto’s St. John’s Ward (“The Ward”), which has been on my mind, lately (due in part to our visit to The Ward’s very informative installation north of the courthouse).

Then, I prodded a bit… asking when we could, perhaps, expect to see a local exhibit of his Toronto Chinatown photos. Or maybe his pictures from other Canadian Chinatowns. It looks like we’ll have an opportunity to see some of the Toronto set around the end of the year. I can’t wait! I asked him to remind me. We shall definitely go!

Now, as an observer, I’m not keen to take a photo of a photo, but I did snap a couple of shots in the exhibition hallway, to give you an idea (or reminder) of this small exhibit full of huge photos with blocks of colour and urban layers. If you have a chance to take a look, Morris’ photos are part of the current Contact show, and will be at Harbourfront a while longer. Go see! The show is entitled Tong Yan Gaai, which is Cantonese for “Chinatown.”

We proceeded on our walk over there through Trinity-Bellwoods Park, where the cherry blossoms were very pretty. And then along beside Stanley Park. And down along and past and through parts of The Music Garden. We wrapped it all up later with coffee in the sunshine on King Street. What a good morning. Have a peek:

Click on any image for larger files, in carousel slide-show. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual. Bring transit fare. And maybe an umbrella!

We’re going to the little Village of Islington, on Dundas West (west of the Junction, even!). We’ll walk back (or at least part way back) and see the many, many murals in that neighbourhood. Little shops. A couple of historical properties. And an area of some interesting future change. Maybe we’ll have a hot cuppa tea somewhere, too. We’re walking, rain or shine! This will be delightful. I hope you’ll join us!


SUMMER! I know: it’s still spring. But I can dream of theatre at Guildwood, sitting on a blanket with a little picnic, can’t I? Lots more ahead – including, next weekend, our terrific (or is that “terrifying”?) plan to explore Prospect Cemetery. They have something in mind for us, so stay tuned. And it’s Jane’s Walk weekend! So I will suggest several other options, too. Walk one… or more! After that, we’ll revisit a hill and a whole little forest, covered in tulips, just for Mother’s Day. Riverdale Park. We’ll be there!

As always, please feel free to¬†bring a friend¬†along¬†to share our walks. We’ll see you soon.

Are you just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome.¬†Let’s walk!
See you on Sunday!

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