A village mural stroll

Three days of Jane’s Walk!

But first, about last week

A grey and breezy day took three of us over to the Six-Points intersection of Kipling, Dundas and Bloor. By subway, of course! Then, we set about making the trek back, by the scenic route. We wandered along Dundas West through the little Village of Islington and tried to see and enjoy all 26 historical tale-telling murals along the way. I think we missed a couple by not always looking backwards!

But we enjoyed ourselves fully, as none of us had ever taken a close look at these interesting walls. All painted by the same artist, John Kuna, over the past decade or so. If you’re interested in visiting, I say, just go! (They are between Kipling and Islington Avenues, on both sides of Dundas.) And if you want a little more background, you could start here.

Or just admire our photos!

After we parted ways at Islington, two headed for the subway, and one headed for downtown, continuing on foot. I had an opera ticket and needed to have lunch and arrive by 2:00. I was enjoying the cool-ish day, and made it as far as Dundas West subway station when I realized that I’d better hop on transit and get where I needed to be! What an excellent morning. Thanks to Laurie and Veronika for great company and our nice tea-break, too!


Sunday, May 07 2017,
(Also Friday  5th and Saturday 6th, if you like!)

Jane’s Walk is here!

For Sunday, we have a great morning plan. WE’LL LEAVE the WEST END Y at 10:00 A.M.

We’re walking up to Prospect Cemetery for an interesting historical tour of famous (and infamous) Torontonians interred there. If you are meeting us there, please be in touch after 9, that morning, so we can arrange a time to meet you at the main gates. I suggest this just in case it’s really busy! You can decide how you’d like to get there, but you’ll be heading for St. Clair Avenue West, just west of Lansdowne Avenue. It’s well labelled. Let me know if you need more detail.

I’d like to suggest that we all check the Jane’s Walk listing online and consider walks on Friday (if anyone has time), on Saturday (I may try to fit one in, in the afternoon), and maybe even one or two after the cemetery walk.

My other SUNDAY suggestion may be appealing to many. Particularly if the weather is a bit drippy. And that is: after the walk, a tasty St. Clair-somewhere brunch. If that sounds good to you, we’ll talk! But if the sun is out and we want to keep on walking, I will have suggestions ready for another walk or two.

If you venture out on Friday or Saturday and enjoy a couple of Jane’s Walks yourself, let us know all about it!

Coming right up:

Next week: A Mother’s Day tulip walk in Riverdale Park. We know this is a very good thing!
The week after: St. Anne’s Anglican, nearby, plans an interesting guided Indigenous Neighbourhood History walk – perhaps with an art exhibit beforehand. It sounds amazing.
The end of the May: Doors Open Toronto. A hundred ideas. Let’s choose several!
Great spring walking, all!

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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