Garden of peace. And mystery.

Happy Mother’s Day!
But first, about last week:

A YMCA-friend told me about an interesting walk through Prospect Cemetery, just north of us on St. Clair Avenue. There’ll be stories, she said. And a bit of Toronto history. And mysteries. I found the info easily on Facebook and watched over the weeks leading up to the date to see what it was all about, and to be sure we met in the right place. The walk, with guide. Shannon Stafford, did not disappoint. After a few days of rain, the grounds were green, and bit uneven, the fruit trees were in bloom. It was a cool but bright and pretty day. We walked and listened to Shannon’s well researched tales of Toronto residents of the past – a police hero, a couple of criminals among the last to receive the death sentence here, the woman on whom the character of Rose, in the film Titanic, was based, a family who fled slavery along the Underground Railroad and settled in Toronto, plus Oddfellows, Masons, Woodmen and even a luminary of the art world. Our heads spun with each tale. Beautiful green everywhere. A peaceful setting. This was a thought-provoking morning on foot.

You’ll notice, no surprise, that my eye was often caught by the old ornamental elements on the memorial stones. Anna and I walked north along my old street to get there (my lovely old barn is getting a balcony!). Inga met us at the Prospect gates. The larger walking group for the tour was quite small – maybe twelve people. So it was a quiet experience.

The walk home was full of all sorts of thoughts of the past.

Click on any image for a carousel slide-show.

If you’d enjoy a contemplative walk, Prospect is a good destination. I’ve also hiked through on a snowy winter day. Challenging!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sorry folks, but I can’t join you!

I’m taking a week off, with a miserable sinus infection. I’m supposed to sleep, so I’m home on bed rest. But really, I want to visit my Mom on Mother’s Day… so I figured my Sunday had better only include one house-escape!

I suggest you walk anyway because, last year, we enjoyed our Mother’s Day tulip walk so much. We really wanted to repeat that. Curious? I highly recommend that you meet at the Y and head over to Riverdale Farm! You will love it. And maybe someone will tell you the story of how all those amazing bulbs ended up in Riverdale Park Ravine! 🙂

Meet at the Y at 9:00, as usual. (This way, you can wrap up the lovely morning walk in time to get on with your own plans.)

Take the College streetcar east, all the way to Parliament. Disembark and walk north to Wellesley, or south to Gerrard and then further east, and in to Riverdale Park. As you pass (or maybe visit!) the farm with its barn and paddock, you’ll see spring bulbs in bloom everywhere. But continue along the path, eastward and toward the river, and you’ll head down a little hill to a trail and realize that the forest is ALIVE with tulips!!! It’s truly glorious – and such a beautiful spring sight to share. (Wish I could join you!)

Please, go and have fun! We’ll certainly visit that hill again, together, next time. Don’t worry if the weather is a bit drippy. It was last year, too. We didn’t care! We had the most wonderful morning. (Ah! The link looks a bit like… a tulip!)

I’d love it if you would share photos. I’ll post them with the next update, for all to enjoy. Tell us how this goes! You can comment here, or email me.


NEXT SUNDAY, we’ll share an Indigenous Neighbourhood Walk, right here, with artist, canoe-builder and educator, Mike Ormsby. This is going to be something rather wonderful, a very special event far too rarely possible. I hope you can come along. We’ll visit a small art exhibition afterwards, at St. Anne’s Church, where the walk will begin. It will be an AFTERNOON WALK. More details on our meeting time, next week.

Lots of wonderful stuff coming up, too. Especially Doors Open Toronto! I’ve always wanted to see the 54th floor of the TD Centre (a big deal, in its time, and still furnished with vintage office gear). Curious? Or have other D.O.T. walks that appeal? Let me know! If the weather is fine, and the schedule can work, we’ll try to fit in several Doors Open visits. It’s always a treat – and an eye-opener.

Please feel free to bring a friend along to share our walks. I hope to see you all, next week!

Are you just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. Let’s walk!
See you on Sunday!

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