Walk… or just talk!

Doors Open Toronto is back!
But first, about last week: 

A nice group strolled the short distance to St. Anne’s Church, expecting to meet more fellow walkers, and artist Mike Ormsby, for a larger walk-about to the area’s Indigenous historical landmarks. But Sunday’s rainstorms loomed and Mike wisely decided to keep the discussion indoors. I couldn’t stay for that, but I’m glad that a bunch of you did. I hear that he demonstrated canoe-building techniques, showed slides, and spoke of some area history. Hopefully he will be able to offer the walk another time. We’ll watch for it.

No event photos this time, but here’s a cheery spring picture of my trek back home:

Billions of maple keys in Fred Hamilton Park

This week, Sunday, May 28, 2017:


Doors Open Toronto has arrived. I hope you’ll visit the website and choose several things to do on Saturday. And maybe an extra event or walk or building to visit on Sunday, too. Here are the things I suggest we try . . . but we can revise this plan, or divide and conquer, as necessary! Three ideas here. You can come along for all of it, or just the start. (And we may change plans!)

1. We’ve visited from the outside, so I suggest we first walk to the new Daniels Architecture Building at One Spadina. This new U of T building, combining an historical edifice of some beauty with a splashy contemporary north-side entry pavilion, has been under construction and renovation for a couple of years. The outside looks wonderful. We’ve walked around it and tried to peer through the hoardings! Let’s go and be among the first to see what’s inside, and this first public opportunity to do so. It’s not quite finished, but… al the more intriguing! Admittance starts at 10:00, so WE WILL MEET AT 9:30, this week!

2. Next, we will aim to be at Native Child and Family Services by noon, or by 1:00 (if we’re having too much fun at the Daniels Building!). Hourly tours there will include discussion of the building, and share the sacred fire pit, the healing lodge and medicinal garden, and also seeing the creation of a new rooftop mural.

3. If everyone still feels keen and energetic, we’ll head further east. Bring TTC fare. And maybe your lawyer’s phone number! Yes, we’re going to jail. The old Don Jail, that is. Now an administrative building, part of Bridgepoint Health Services, the building has been completely renovated for its new function. There’s an outdoor sculpture garden that may also appeal. Then, we’ll walk along Riverside Park East to see one of the most beautiful views of the Toronto skyline. We can subway home from there. Or you may have other Doors Open plans. If so, great!

This will all take a bit of time, so you can expect brunch or a tasty coffee/snack, somewhere en route. It’s going to be a great day!

Coming right up:

Happy travels to all the wandering walkers – some friends have set off for other horizons. Temporarily! I hope you’re fitting in a walk or two, too. Share photos of your hikes, if you like. Do bring back some stories to share.

Next week? Anna has suggested a studio tour that sounds terrific. I’m just considering which studios will be really appealing (as well as make a good walk for us!). Stay tuned. This will be interesting!

More great stuff,  just ahead.

See you soon!

You’re just finding WestWalking for the first time?!

Welcome. You really should walk with us!
See you in the morning!

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