Interesting Links

West End College Street YMCA – check out the schedule for fitness classes right after our walk
(Or really, any time of the week you like! Open 365 days a year!)

The Blue Zones website and info – interesting health and wellness information

Another smart site about aging and activity – Stephen Jepson: potter, inventor, active guy!

Toronto Discovery Walks – where to go on a longer walk

Explore Toronto’s Trails – don’t forget water and a snack
(Let us know when you’re going! Maybe we can join you.)

Lost Rivers green group upcoming walks – learn about Toronto’s river-based history

Doors Open Toronto – we missed it this year, but there are interesting photos here
(Motivation for a fun, multi-stop walk next year, perhaps.)

The Artists’ Health Centre – clinic and healthcare centre for those earning a living as artists

More Route Reading, Anyone?

Toronto Urban Strolls… for girlfriends (by Nathalie Prézeau, Word of Mouth, 2011)

Great Country Walks Around Toronto (by Elliott Katz, Great North Books, 1990)

Toronto’s Top Ten Wilderness Adventures (by Stephanie B. Griffiths, United Way, 1987)

We’ll update this page as we learn of interesting walking, west end or health resources.

Please feel free to add your suggestions in the Comments.

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