Of lanes and gardens

This week, Three Small Parks.

But first, about last week :

Someone, somewhere, online suggested that the whole city should check out the newly named Art Lives Here Lane. (Woo-hoo!) (Or so they implied.) That sounded great, so off we marched. But after planning that destination, I heard of another lane-in-progress (with pollinator murals going on the garage doors, the very day of our walk!). Hmmm, I thought: what could be more interesting? But I figured it might be too much. We were going to walk right past that one and save it for another day.

Luckily, I realized how darned close it was to our route, and we agreed to detour a bit and see the new work. Were we ever pleased to do so! We turned towards Garrison Creek Park (just north of Dupont, east of Ossington) and immediately saw that some of the garage murals were already complete and others were well in progress. (This was a 9:45 a.m. on a Sunday, don’t forget! Impressive!) We instantly ran into Toronto street artist extraordinaire, Nick Sweetman! What a treat – as I’ve long admired his work. We’ve seen Nick’s bees, and, fairly nearby, his terrific octopus… and here he was, early in the morning, coordinating these garage murals. At the time, we weren’t sure what his own result there would be. So we’ll definitely go back. (I’ve seen it now – can’t wait to share!) The lane will be called Butterflyway, and, according to Sweetman, was instigated by David Suzuki. Nice. (When we do return, you’ll see the very amusing D.S. mural in the group.) In the meantime, we spoke to some of the other artists and really enjoyed our side trip.

And, really, thank goodness for that. Because once we reached our original destination it was a little disappointing. Yes, there were a few murals, and there were also some small prints of artwork and little acrylic paintings, too – posted here and there in the Art Lives Here Lane. Quite charming. But it was not exactly what we’d expected. Both those lanes are worth future visits, to see how things continue to develop. Very interesting.

On our way out of Art Lives Here, we ran into Elizabeth’s niece, Carol, a horticulturist, and enthusiastic home gardener, too. She was pleased to show us her front garden, and veggie and perennial gardens in the back yard, too. That really was a special treat. Thanks, Carol, for being so hospitable! We really loved that fireworks Allium!!!! Wow!

What a terrific morning! Have a look at the murals and plants. It was all wonderful:

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meet at the Y at 9:00. South of here, along the lake, we’ll visit three places. In no particular order: Inukshuk Park, Ireland Park and the brand new Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail. Yes, that’s right: the old Ontario Place parking lot is now a walking/biking park! It will continue to evolve, but I thought it would be great to see it while it’s still fresh. So we can compare thoughts on this, later, once the park concept in that whole Ontario Place zone… continues!

No matter what the weather, we’ll be along the lake, once we reach our destinations. Should be a great morning for it! Do join us!

Coming right up:

Still ahead: A picnic. Start thinking about where? And what to bring!
A play. (I will let you know when you should book tickets.)
Seeking early Toronto in old bank buildings! (And if they are now home to cafés, okay!)
A ferry trip to the Islands, once that is possible.
Tea at an historic inn. (Pinkies up, please.) (Montgomery’s Inn, here we come!)
A trip to Corktown and Sherbourne Commons, and Sugar Beach.
Summer patio brunch in High Park, just because.

We’ll continue to walk every Sunday morning! If it’s hot out, we’ll try to keep it brief. Or we’ll have plenty of core-coolers!

See you soon!

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