Up the Green Line…
But first, about last week: 

Anna had suggested we visit the West End Art Collective’s Art Tour – so we chose some of the studios, shops, offices and restaurants in The Junction that were hosting a number of local artists. We enjoyed seeing the work and meeting the painters (as it turned out, we did see mostly painters). Some of the displays were particularly wonderful, and the weather cooperated completely (probably because we were all carrying umbrellas!).

I didn’t take any photos of art works – just didn’t seem right – but have a look at the website, if you like, to see a few works by each painter. Definitely a great Sunday morning thing to do. We enjoyed seeing the works of, and some brief visits with, Marilyn Scott, Tosh Jeffrey, Bernadette Hunt, Christine Jermyn, Eleanor Lowden, Elizabeth Crammond, Claire Lyons, Cid Palacio, and Phyllis McKeown. Thanks to all of them for their hospitality. At the end of our looking about, we purchased some treats to take home (maybe slightly too sweet treats???) and then walked a bit further to enjoy another little snack at Malta Bake Shop – always good for a smile.

Our route there took us north along the RailPath and then west along Dundas. Various methods were used to return home! Thanks to everyone for sharing a really good morning!


This week, Sunday June 11, 2017

A simple walk, up the Green Line Park, from Ossington over to Earlscourt Park. If it’s a wonderful day, we may walk back the same way, and explore the future, eastern part of the park, which it is hoped will eventually range over to Spadina.

Coming right up:

Wonderful summer walks ahead! If you haven’t joined us in a while, we hope you’ll be back soon. If you’re travelling, we’ll see you when you return.

I’m keeping this report brief so I can send it out… now! Great future walking ideas always welcome!

See you soon!


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