West End YMCA Walking Club!

There are 100 REASONS TO WALK.
(No, we won’t list them here.)
There are dozens of reasons to EXERCISE OUTDOORS.
(Choose your favourites.)
We all need MOTIVATION to exercise.
(Need a reason for anything? Find a friend who wants the same thing.)
CONVERSATION MAKES TIME FLY! (Enough said.) (For now!)

There you have our reasons for walking, together.
Need more reasons? Read on!
We’ll post observations, routes and comments each week, as we walk around Toronto.
There’s a beautiful city out there and we plan to explore it. One block at a time.

Join us. We’re low tech. And we’re friendly. Bring water. Wear good shoes.
Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m. One to two hours. Rain or shine!

No big deal. An excellent habit to start. A great way to begin the day.
Can’t join us every week? Fine. Whenever you can.

The rest of the week? You’re on your own. Walk every day? Sure, if you like!
Let us know where you like to walk. Maybe we’ll join you.
Or do you prefer to do something else? Excellent. Just get active.
Need company? Hello!!!!!

LIKE us, and FOLLOW us here, so you’ll be in the know about upcoming events.
We post our Sunday plans, weekly. (Yes, this is good stuff to know!)

See you Sunday morning.


(Click any image for larger version, in slideshow.) 

We are volunteers & members of West End College Street YMCA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
We welcome walkers from the community, visitors, and friends from all over town.
We are not monitored by YMCA of Greater Toronto. No direct affiliation is implied or claimed.
No information herein may be construed as health or fitness advice. Walk carefully. And have fun.




11 thoughts on “West End YMCA Walking Club!

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  3. Wondering how I might find out if beginners can join your group? I see that you walk a fair distance each time, and am wondering if a beginner could just do part of the walk? Or are you aware of any walking groups for beginners? Thank you!

    • Hi Leanne.
      We welcome new walkers – just arrive and enjoy.

      Thanks for following the blog, to see what each week’s Sunday plan may be. Normally, we meet at 9, but check the most recent post, in case the plans change (to concur with an opening time, or something). We’re not a super-fit, power-hiking, speed-walking group. Most of our walks are casual, at a comfortable pace, on easy terrain. We have fun and keep it fairly easy. But yes, they can be long. Usually two hours. Occasionally longer! This does get easier (if that appeals), or, of course, you can join us for part of the walk. Or just for the shorter walks. (That will usually be clear from the post.)

      Do part of a walk, anytime you like, no problem. (If you want to walk for an hour, turn back after half an hour, or, better yet, keep walking with us for the whole hour and then hop on transit!)

      Anyway, we welcome all walkers, really. Our aims include the following, in no special order: to see the city, to be a bit social, to enjoy getting up and moving, early-ish on a Sunday. Appealing? Come along and say hi!

      Watch for this week’s post, in a couple of days. We’ll take a late departure, by transit, to visit somewhere beautiful, then a crisp park hike to subway. (We tire of just walking around downtown west, so we also aim for variety.) The actual walking portion won’t be too long (probably 5km, probably an hour). But because of the transit travel involved, we’ll leave at 10:00, I think, and probably not be back until at least 1.

      Hope to see you soon – feel free to be in touch, anytime.
      Click LET’S WALK, above, in the menu for latest posts and pictures.
      If you like this whole idea, join us. And, as I always say… you’re welcome to bring friends!

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  5. Hi there,

    I just discovered this walking group and it sounds like a great fit for me. I’m hoping to join the walk this Sunday. Where does the group meet?


    • Hi Kim,

      We usually meet on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. at the West End YMCA (931 College Street, Toronto – at intersection with Dovercourt).
      Stay tuned here, to see the walking plan for this Sunday.
      We hope to see you soon.

    • Thanks, Mariette – always glad to have new people join us! (Especially friends. Of friends. Of friends!!) That was nice. Thanks for the links. They are on my long list… so who knows! The Riverside walks are on Saturdays, so we won’t likely join them, but we might take those ideas and make them our own, sometime.

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